Beyonce Knows Timing is Money…

beyonce-moneyThe rich are and stay rich for several reasons, one of the most important being that they are opportunistic. Wildly successful people have a penchant for striking when the iron is hot and rarely missing a chance to maximize on an opportunity. Timing is key when it comes to high achievement. Megastar Beyonce Knowles is a 1-A example of this, her life as we know it know is due to repeated occurrences of doing the right thing at the right time.

She had to know when to rid herself of the other two members of Destiny’s Child (a.k.a Beyonce ‘n Nem), she had to connect herself with the right guy at the right time (Jay Z) to start a family empire in addition to her singular one. And of course the perfect example of her timing that took place just over a week ago on flat screen TVs across this nation and world. Not the release of the “Formation” video and subsequent next day performance of the song at the Super Bowl that spurred joy, loathing, admiration, protests, and a spike in Red Lobster stock; this is something else.

Presales for the Formation Tour, playing here locally at the Georgia Dome May 1, started Monday here in the A and if I know nothing else, I know that Ticketmaster’s network servers are in danger. Beyonce Knowles has built a following that borders on cultish. The “Beyhive” is her legion, as loyal as any fan to any sports team, as loyal as any soldier to their general, as steadfast as any team is to its coach, they are the beating heart to the Bey movement. I’ve often said that Beyhivers don’t hear their own voices in their subconscious thought, they hear Beyonce’s. When they’re in the closet pondering what to wear out for Girls’ Night they can hear the voice of Beyonce saying, not singing, the lyrics to “Bootylicious” in their heads spurring their wardrobe choices. It’s like the mind control that Smokey had over Debo, except Beyhivers don’t get to talk again. It’s all Beyonce. So you think it’s an accident or coincidence that this tour was announced mere weeks after W2’s started hitting mailboxes all over America?
Beyonce ain’t even close to trying to hear your “Man, it’s tough to get on these seats because money is tight” excuse. As the ladies like to say, she ain’t here for that. Mrs Knowles-Carter knows that all y’all about to be twirling, or have already twirled, y’alls a**es up outta H&R Block with all that money and just when you thought you were about to get that new bag, or you were about to start looking for a travel agent for that ticket to some island, or if you were about to finally pay your Verizon bill to zero instead of just knocking off that past due amount to keep the communication open, there came the voice of Beyonce into your brain with the bassline to “Deja Vu ” in the background saying, “Nah, bish, all that’s cool and all but, ummm, these VIP packages to my show though. Don’t get brand new out here and get kicked out of this here Beyhive” because in my mind getting kicked out of the Beyhive is the worst thing that could ever happen in one thousand eternities to a Beyonce fan.
So, with “Love On Top” playing at maximum volume in your mental MP3 player you say “Eff that beach, I don’t like sand and warm weather that much anyway” or think to yourself, “I ain’t really NEED a new bag like to be honest” and run to the nearest computer to get up on these tickets. And it’s happening all over the world at Jackson Hewitts, at pop-up IRS tax prep stations at schools and churches, folk blowing out their hard drives in efforts to maximize their returns on TurboTax software, hell, even the nationwide Liberty Tax dudes that stand and wave at you from sidewalks across America have traded in their Lady Liberty costumes for Beyonce-esque Formation-style Black Panther outfits to lure you in. Just big, long a$$ conga lines of ‘hivers flush with cash headed to see their leader.
Meanwhile, Beyonce sitting somewhere in a 30,000 sq ft crib reading a book to her daughter entitled “World Domination by Age 10, A Pre-K Guide” while Blue rubs her hands together menacingly like Mr. Burns from The Simpsons.
Truth of the matter is, ticket prices for this tour aren’t really that oppressive. I was surprised honestly that she ain’t hitting people up for more. My thing is this, I sat 15 rows off stage to see Prince for his last tour where he performed for 3 solid hours AND I got The Time for near an hour as an opening act AND I got his latest CD all for $75. Even if you take inflation into account that ticket in 2016 wouldn’t be more than maybe $150 so to justify my purchase of a similar seat for Beyonce, she would, indeed, need to slay…a dragon. A big a$$ Game of Thrones fire breathing chained in a cave a$$ dragon. Then I would, without question. But I see you working, Bey. The rich stay on top by taking advantage of maximum opportunity, not by accident. Be aware that the Bey Revolution will not be televised, but you can see it live for about $315 plus fees.


  1. I could do a whole lot with $315 that does not include tickets to nobody’s show! Lol. I, by no stretch of the imagination, am a “Beyhiver” (is that really a thing?) so I’m like, shoot bank dat! To each his own, right? #Opportunistic

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