End of the World Journals Vol. IV: Some Sh*t to Do, Some Sh*t You Shouldn’t


We’re close to a month since the first of these entries. Much the same but considering the new normals we face, hopefully temporarily, there should be a number of things that we do differently in our lives regarding this time in history. Allow me to be so presumptuous as to think that you care about my suggestions as I give them to you whether you like them or not.

Sh*t You Should DoDevelop a higher appreciation for “the little guy”: As the calendar of time has turned over the course of this little nation’s life it’s become more and more common to forget about the little guy around us: the mailman, the delivery driver, the bank teller, and those like them. As the shutdown has moved along we have, or should have, gained a greater appreciation for the little cogs in the wheel that have proven a greater component in keeping the machine of the nation moving than the bigger (i.e. richer, well paid) cogs at the top. Make sure to smile and show some appreciation for the cashier at the register, even if it’s at Walmart where they only let 4 of them work at a time.

Sh*t You Should NOT Do – Be careless with your eyes: I’ve been more careful to mind what I watch. With all of the screen time that many of us are getting being cooped up with no place to go it’s easy to sit in front of the TV and watch one brainless, droning press conference after another or take in dramatic viewings of the pandemic movie of your choosing (honestly, why would anyone rush to watch the movies Outbreak and Contagion when you’re living the movie Outbreak or Contagion). But bad/troubling/disappointing news of whatever sort – political, fictionalized entertainment, etc – from whatever media source – news, facebook, twitter – isn’t doing much to protect your peace. By all means, turn away from the news for a while; you also probably want to block your auntie that shares all the ways that we are apt to die in the next six weeks on Facebook for a while too, not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…

Sh*t You Should Do – Go outside and walk: It only took 7-10 days of me working from home with no access to the gym and eating chips unsupervised before I started feeling like a Weeble. Going to my closet and putting on my new jeans I bought 6 weeks ago proved that I was, in fact, a Weeble. So while I can’t go and ride my favorite stationary bike or lift on my preferred Smith machine, dammit, I gotta do something or else no one will want me after this regardless of how much socially distant flirting I’ve been doing online over the last month. Additionally, I’ve met neighbors on my walks that I didn’t even know existed. Here I am thinking that our family was the only one keeping our neighborhood from a complete gentrification success for the community colonizers and here comes a black couple strolling up the block pushing a stroller. It was like being marooned on an island for years then seeing a boat carrying life saving foods and medicines sailing in my direction over the horizon.

Sh*t You Should NOT Do – Get weak and get a haircut: If I have ever once told anyone that I’m not vain I profusely apologize for lying to you. One thing that I have learned about myself is, while I’m no Idris Elba (who is still the desire of 75% of the female population despite currently having the virus), I’m apparently incredibly vain and care more than I ought about how I look given I have nowhere to be. So it’s grinding my gears a bit when I’m taking one for the team looking at my hairline go everykindawhichaway denying myself the hunt for barbers giving black market haircuts, and then see someone on Facebook post a picture of their fresh, extra sharp lineup looking all manner of clean whilst I’m here with a mustache getting dangerously close to Lamont Sanford level thickness. Now God bless you if you can get yourself in a mirror and cut your own hair, that’s a talent that more of us probably should have invested in at an earlier date before the world was devoid of available barbers. Otherwise, it ain’t fair and I need everyone to get back in line and exhibit some semblance of patience like the rest of us looking like extras in a 70’s Pam Grier movie. 

Sh*t You Should Do – Hold onto your hope: With all that’s going on from political divisiveness to Charmin shortages it’s very easy to fling yourself onto the couch and just try to sleep until this all ends. There is a time for faith, and hope, and belief and the knowledge that this collective tailspin will cease and give way to ascent; this is that time. It’s certainly hard to see now with all the drama but a prayer unsaid is a prayer unheard, a mind without hope is a void, and a person with no faith is lost. So, if you do nothing else while reaching for the end of Netflix, preparing new masks for your next visit to the store, and dressing impeccably from the waist up for your next work video teleconference, find your center, shake yourself and know that this too shall pass…and we’ll be back in these streets doing hoodrat sh*t with our friends in no time flat. I believe that, you should too.

P.S. Neighbor’s chicken coop update: The next door neighbor’s chicken coop is complete and full of chickens happily laying eggs. The owl from my last blog has been hunting the chickens at nightfall. Owls are very loud while trying to get into well built chicken coops. No chickens have been harmed to date. All hail good craftsmanship.

be safe out there.



  1. Thank you for this installment. I agree heartily with protecting your eyes from media consumption — a little goes a long way, and finding your Center is good business too:-))

    • Thank you for reading, Wynona. My list of potential hoodrat sh*t has to be whittled down. It’s far too long at the moment. 😂

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