End of the World Journals Vol. I

NoMeatWhat with the end of the world unfolding outdoors (and me working from home experiencing an extreme level of cabin fever) I’ve decided to use this underutilized space on the internet to document my new day to day routine of Sheltering In Place so future generations can know how I, and we as a society, whittled down to nothing due to COVID-19 and severe sports withdrawals. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

10:05am: My entire work desk is now set up on the dining room table now. Chatting with my co workers is a bit more enjoyable while sitting in my pajamas eating a waffle.

11:30am: The birds outside seem to be singing extra loud today. Perhaps they are excited about spring starting on Thursday; its more likely their joy at having free run of the place due to our banishment to our homes

1:15pm: My next door neighbor is in a chair in his back yard with country music blasting – BLASTING! – from his outdoor speakers. I will not complain, he has two small children and they are likely running wild in his house. He needs solitude.

3:00pm: Thank God for the NFL free agency period. ESPN has been a wasteland of repeats for days now. All the SportsCenter anchors have color in their faces again.

4:00pm: The country music is still blasting from next door. Should I go check on those kids?

7:00pm: Off to the neighborhood WalMart for provisions for mother and me. Let me gather my wallet, earbuds, and my crossbow.

7:20pm to 8:00pm: Oh Tuna, oh ground turkey and beef. Bean of green, spinach, aid of the mighty Popeye…where for art thou? Certainly no longer in this store, this sh*t empty.

815pm: Done shopping. Spent half the time amused at how quiet the place was because no one was speaking to each other…or looking one another in the eye. I didn’t have to discharge an arrow….today.

10:30pm: Sitting on the back deck, a commercial jet just flew over. I wonder where that plane is going, and how many people that paid $37.50 round trip are on board

Midnight: All but 75 minutes of the day inside, the country music has stopped next door. I have survived. All is well. Until tomorrow’s quest, I remain…



~be safe all~

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