BOGO Day at Subway: Part 1

It’s been some time since I’ve regaled the lot of you with a story about my hometown and current place of residence, Decatur, GA. There are so many moving parts to this particular story that I’m pretty sure that I’ll have to break it up over a couple of days, maybe even a week. If you need to know what the people here in Decatur are capable of you should check out THIS BLOG and THIS BLOG as a point of reference before moving along with this one. And now without further ado, here is my latest Decatur Story.


Last Saturday was beautiful, nearly 80 degrees, fluffy clouds floating about, and I was feeling good. I’d just finished a great workout at the gym and was pretty hungry afterward. I didn’t want to ruin my workout by eating junk; the closest thing to healthy was either a grilled chicken salad from the local Chick-Fil-A or a turkey sub from the Subway up the street. I really didn’t want to bother with having to go inside the mall to get the salad so Subway was the easy choice. As I turned into the lot listening to the Braves game I noted to myself that the lot was far more crowded than it should have been for 3:00 in the afternoon but I paid the extra traffic no mind as I parked and made my way to Subway’s front door. And that’s when I saw it, taped to the glass door on plain white paper was a sign that said:

Customer Appreciation Day! Buy one foot long sub get another Free!

Buy one get one free is always a welcome sign but it’s a tricky proposition in Decatur. Folks here on the eastside can smell bargains (read: cheap stuff) a mile away, there was sure to be a mass of humanity inside the establishment that would likely do something to make me fear for the future of the civilized world. I stood there gripping the door handle trying to decide if I wanted to take the risk of stepping inside this Subway on a gorgeous Saturday when they are giving away free sandwiches. Peering through the glass I could see that there was already a pretty good line inside and waiting any longer would only make the wait in the queue longer. Throwing caution to the wind I pulled the door open and stepped inside.

There were 4 people in line ahead of me:

  • Woman: 30 something, eyelashes made in some evil eyelash factory, carrying a Michael Kors bag the size of carry on luggage
  • Young Man: Basketball shorts sagging (of course), white tank top, hasn’t enunciated an entire word in seemingly ever.
  • Young Man 2: Khaki cargo shorts sagging (of course), oversized black t shirt, black socks, black fuzzy house shoes
  • Man 1: Jeans, polo shirt, in his right hand is a list of the 4 sandwiches he needs made (Lord Jesus…)

And then as I settled in at the end of the line a man walked in with a blue duffel bag and sign on a yellow sheet of paper that read “The Sock Man”. The clock on the wall read 3:15pm.

To be continued…

~thanks for reading

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