Three Weekend Tidbits: Vol. 1

We just had the first really beautiful weekend of the year here in Atlanta. The temperatures topped out at 76 degrees, tree blooms came out to play and people were everywhere – in the parks, cruising in their cars, in the malls – all trying to take in the first occurrence of Spring weather. I, of course, was numbered amongst those out in the sun as I spent most the weekend outdoors. As I usually do when I’m out and about I keep my notepad app on my phone at the ready in case I see something interesting. The following is a couple of questions and tidbits that I typed in my phone while I was around the city the last couple of days.


1. Do Black people intimidate non-Black people in dance settings?

handstandI was out enjoying some music with some friends at a spot. We were sitting at a table just off the dance floor just hanging out when the DJ played a dance set. This guy (looked white but may have been of Latino descent) was at the edge of the dance floor really, REALLY going in. There was a little breakdance in there, some spins, some handstands. It was about forty-five seconds to a minute of really intense stuff. Seems just as the tune was getting good to the young man he caught a glance at the eyes at our table looking in his direction at which time he stopped dancing immediately, scanned our table almost apologetically, wiped his brow, and left the floor. We all looked at each other like “Why’d he stop?” We were enjoying him (legitimately, as this wasn’t one of those cases that we gathered to giggle at people that can’t dance, Black people do that occasionally) and I’m guessing that of the 6 of us at our table, only 1 of us could have done a handstand without having an ambulance called. It was unfortunate but who knows, maybe he was just tired and wanted to go sit down for a spell. And while I’m talking about dancing…


2. Present day Raggaeton = 90’s Era 2 Live Crew:

When I was in college if you wanted a peek into the freakiness quotient of a female co-ed you watched her when she danced to the-2-live-crewa 2 Live Crew song. If she unabashedly shook what her mama gave her when the DJ played “Me So Horny” then chances are you wanted to be her last dance of the evening. 2 Live Crew had the magical ability to turn the shyest of female party goers into a booty shaking ball of energy ready to grind on the nearest male. I hadn’t seen anything like that until Saturday when I went to a local Latin spot with a friend. The DJ hit this Raggaeton song and out of nowhere it was like Armageddon on the dance floor! Women were up on guys’ shoulders, people were hanging from the light supports, and short skirts got WAY shorter. I’m pretty sure I saw two or three children conceived last night. Luke and the 2 Live Crew would have been proud, or ashamed that they have been outdone.


3. Not everyone cares if your dog is friendly:

PoochLook, I’m a dog guy, I like dogs, but I need to be able to stand in line for a Popsicle at the park without being accosted by your pooch! I don’t expect to have your “friendly” dog jump up and put his front paws in my back because “she likes me” and “she only does that when she really likes a person”. We’ve been standing in this line together for 15 seconds. What, really, does your dog know about me other than I’m standing in front of it? How about you shorten the leash on Lassie before someone a lot meaner than me gives her a sneaker to the snout? Thanks.

That’s my top three for this weekend. Hope you learned something this weekend as well! See you tomorrow! -Skrap

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